10 Reason to Rent a Home in Shakopee

Purchasing a home anywhere is a massive commitment and can be filled with unexpected expenses, why is why you should consider opting to rent a home in Shakopee. Not only do you reap the benefits of living in this beautiful town, but you can also try any home on for size, whether it’s a townhome, condo or single family Shakopee rental home. The Antonov Group is excited to show you one of Minnesota’s best cities, and help you discover if the choice to rent a home in Shakopee is right for you!

1.The location is killer

Homes for rent in Shakopee are just south of downtown Minneapolis, and fall near other excellent cities like Chaska, Chanhassen, Bloomington, Apple Valley, Eden Prairie and Richfield. Our major roads like U 169, Highway 101 and State Highway 13 make travel easy!

2.We have a lot more than a fair amount of fun at Valley Fair

Strap in to the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the state, or slather on some SPF and ride the slides at our water park! Every Minnesota has fond memories from this iconic park.

3.Go jump in a lake! And we’ll jump in with you!

Lakeside fun and relaxation come naturally when you rent a home in Shakopee! We’ve got some of the area’s cleanest and most beautiful lakes, like Deans Lake and Fisher Lake.

4.Your horse is always coming in at the Canterbury Park Racetrack

Fancy derby hats are not required, but they are encouraged! Some of summer’s best days are those spend cheering on your champion at the races.

5.Our schools are some of the most modern and innovative in the state

Shakopee Senior High is newly renovated and has nearly doubled in size, and has recently switched to a unique academy system. Students can take courses at any of six specialized academies with fields like Arts and Communication, Business and Entrepreneurship, and Science and Technology. We also have five elementary schools, a sixth grade center and two junior highs from which to choose.

6.We know that in order to look to our future, we have to preserve the past

The Shakopee historic district features ancient burial mounds from cultures long ago, and our very name comes from the iconic 18th century Chief Shakopee of the Dakota tribe, who earned his name when his wife gave birth to sextuplit boys!

7.Lords and Ladies will love the Renaissance Festival

Known by locals as the Renfest, visitors can’t get enough of the authentic period costumes, freshly brewed beers, jousts, glass-blowing shops and of course giant turkey legs!

8.We’re one of the fastest growing cities in Minnesota

Thanks to the realignment of US 169 at the turn of the century, we have experienced one of the highest growth rates in the region, and we continue to outpace many of Minnesota’s most prosperous cities and suburbs.

9.Odds are good you’ll have a great time at Mystic Lake

Shakopee is perhaps best known for our popular Mystic Lake Casino. More than 4200 employees fill out this casino-hotel with 150,000 square feet of gaming space, a 600-room hotel, seven restaurants, three bars/lounges, and 67,000 square feet of meeting and banquet space!

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