10 Reason to Rent a Home in Bloomington

Avoid the stress of house hunting and embrace the possibilities with a rental home in Bloomington. When you rent a home in Bloomington, you can live in a city with some of the state’s best shopping and education, without committing to any one location. Whether a townhome, condo or single family home is your best fit, The Antonov Group is happy to show you why you should rent a home in Bloomington!

1.We’ve got the slopes

The local ski area and Nordic ski jumps are hot spots for locals and US Olympic ski jumpers alike!

2.More than half of our public schools are Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence

Our district’s gifted and talented programs are internationally renowned, and we also have a charter school, 3 private schools and 4 colleges in town. Bloomington rental homes fall within range of a wide variety of education options, and residents get first dibs through Minnesota’s open enrollment policy.

3.We refuse to quit

When the Minnesota Vikings relocated in the late 1980s, Bloomington doubled down on its tourism and commerce industry with the country’s largest indoor shopping area: The Mall of America.

4.Speaking of which…

People flock to the Mall of America from all over the region for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, whether it’s browsing any of hundreds of shops and stalls or seeking thrills at the indoor theme park.

5.We have more jobs per capita than either St. Paul or Minneapolis

Thanks to our bountiful commerce and business-friendly atmosphere, we attract employers left and right. Even as unemployment fluctuates nationally, our economy remains strong, and a when you rent a home in Bloomington, you can know you’ve got a job nearby!

6.It’s all about location, and ours is excellent

Homes for rent in Bloomington are right off I35W and I494, which makes neighboring towns such as Eagan, Eden Prairie, Burnsville, Apple Valley, St. Louis Park, Minnetonka and Edina only minutes away.

7.Go jump in a lake, and we’ll join you

Bush Lake, Long Meadow Lake, Lake Normandale, Marsh Lake and Penn Lake are just a couple of our gorgeous lakes, and we’ve also got the Minnesota River just to our north and Nine Miles Creek running right through town.  

8.We’ve got an indoor water park

The Waterpark of America is the 9th largest indoor water park in the US, and allows residents to splash and play year-round!

9.There’s over 1000 square feet of park land per capita

When you’re not shopping or dining, you can step into any of the hundreds of local green spaces and parks in the city for running, biking, swimming and more!

10.We’re the fun AND business headquarters

Rental homes in Bloomington are near some on the state’s best entertainment, and even the headquarters of major companies like Health Partners and Donaldson Co can’t stay away!

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