10 Reason to Rent a Home in Big Lake

Minnesota has so many beautiful cities, and settling permanently in just one can be overwhelming, which is why finding a rental home in Big Lake could be a perfect option for you! Purchasing a home is a long process, from mortgage pre-approval to dozens of showings to closing, and once you’re a homeowner the stress may not go away. Rental homes in Big Lake offer the comfort of residing in this unique town without the long-term commitment of buying. The Antonov Group is excited to introduce you any of this town’s many townhomes, single family homes and condos, and can’t wait to show you why you should rent a home in Big Lake!

1.We prioritize parks

Staying active comes naturally with Big Lake rental homes, thanks to our 200+ acres of public park land, 20 miles of trails and 3.5 acres of greenway.

2.Traveling and commuting are quick and easy

By choosing to rent a home in Big Lake, you will enjoy the coziness of a small town without sacrificing the convenience of a great location. US Highway 10 and Minnesota State Highway 2 are major nearby routes that can take you all over the area.

3…and the local towns are worth the short trip

Big Lake is only minutes away from excellent cities such as Albertville, Otsego, Elk River, and Ramsey!

4.Winter doesn’t stop our farmer’s market

We’ve got plenty of fresh produce year round, because our bustling farmer’s market finds a warm home in our own Saron Lutheran Church during the colder months.

5.Let the mayor know what you think

Once a month, gather your compliments, questions and observations and head over to Coborn’s Big Lake Grocery Store. There, the mayor themself spends hours listening to their citizens, and it’s a part of what makes Big Lake so great.  

6.Our whole school district is close together

The Big Lake public school district is made up of 1 high school, one middle school, one intermediate school and one primary school. ¾ of these schools are within walking distance from each other, so educational transitions are easier on everyone

7…and our high school has options

Students at Big Lake High School can choose from more than 150 courses, including the College in the Classroom program and classes through the Wright Technical Center. Opting to rent a home in Big Lake puts you in a prime position to enroll here!

8.Spend days on the local beach

Lakeside Park features a beach, boat landing and fishing pier!

9.Visit downtown Minneapolis: No car required

We have the northernmost terminus of the Northstar Commuter Rail, which shuttles residents to downtown Minneapolis. There is also a stop for the Northstar Link Commuter Bus in town, which goes straight to St. Cloud.

10.We’ve been here for a while, and we’re only going to keep growing

Big Lake was incorporated in 1898, and has grown steadily ever since. There’s been an especially large population boom in the 21st century, with over 1100 homes being built here since 2000!

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