Rent a Home in Minnesota

Ask anyone in Minnesota where they think is the best place to live in the world, and they’ll take a huge bite of their Jucy Lucy, unstrap their cross-country skis, adjust their Minnesota Gopher hat and tell you it’s Minnesota. With more than 11,000 lakes and hundreds of unique towns and cities, it just makes sense to rent a home in Minnesota. Home rental in Minnesota allows residents to experience a smorgasbord of the state’s best features, all while maintaining flexibility and saving money!

But wait, why would I rent a home in Minnesota? Doesn’t everyone say I need to buy?

Many people are under the impression that a full life requires a mortgage, closing costs and the responsibility of a home. What they don’t realize is that renters enjoy the best of both worlds! You can live where and how you choose, without the stress of owning a home. Homeowners are constantly in fear of maintenance disasters like a broken furnace, hail storms or a stampede of angry Vikings fans. Renters can rest easily, because they know that their landlord covers maintenance costs, and that they can move easily when the tides turn. The housing market is also incredibly volatile, and purchasing a home is not the safe bet that it used to be. Home values are decreasing more often, and houses are quickly turning from investments to money pits. With Minnesota rental homes, there is no market risk, and money left over after monthly rent can be used for investments like the stock market and retirement. Speaking of money left over, renters SAVE more money monthly than homeowners because, on average, home mortgages are higher than rent payments!

Fine, but why should I choose a MINNESOTA rental home?

We’re glad you asked! Minnesota is ranked #2 in the country for overall quality of life, and according to residents, that list was rigged, because this state is easily #1. Minnesota rental homes are never far from a charming small town or a bustling city, because this state has the perfect mix of rural and urban areas. There are far too many lakes in which to fish, canoe, kayak, swim, boat, jet-ski, wind-surf, paddleboard, pontoon and underwater basket weave, and a Minnesota rental home means that you don’t have to be locked down next to any one lake! Minnesota is also filled with smart cookies, and has state graduation rates and ACT scores well above the national average. The state’s public schools are ranked a full letter grade above the national average on a student’s chance for success by Education Week, and it makes sense because Minnesota has the most schools and school districts in the region. While Minnesota boasts an attractive open-enrollment policy, the best way to guarantee your student’s spot in your favorite school district is to live in the area, and Minnesota rental homes make the switch simple and pain-free! Once the kids are out of school, they’re bound to swim instead of sink, because Minnesota is one of the Top States for Business and has the #1 retention of professional workforce!

Ok, I’m sold, I’m ready to buy a rental home in Minnesota! But whom should I call?

The Antonov Group knows the benefits of renting, and especially the benefits of renting in Minnesota. Our team’s experts are excited to help you find your next perfect home to rent in Minnesota!

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