Here Are the Top 10 Reasons to Rent a Home in Minnesota!

Congratulations on choosing to live in the best state in America (at least we think so), and now it’s time to decide if you want to buy or rent a home in Minnesota. If you aren’t sure about Minnesota, we’re sure you’ll come to your senses pretty quickly, and if you’re not sure about your residential options, The Antonov Group can help you decide if you should opt to rent a home in Minnesota!

We have more miles of shoreline than California, so why settle for just a little?

We are the state with over 10,000 lakes after all! There are so many amazing towns and views here, and a Minnesota rental home helps you experience as much as possible.

You can maintain financial flexibility

When life hits you unexpectedly, selling or buying a home can be the last thing on your mind. Minnesota rental homes can help you be ready for anything.

Every single city has an annual festival

Minnesotans know how to celebrate pride in their country, state and especially their community. Choosing to rent a home in Minnesota lets you join a warm and welcoming town, and experience all that their unique festivities have to offer.

There will be fewer surprise expenses

When your fridge stops running or a raging storm blows away more than a few shingles, it can put a lot of financial strain on a homeowner. Renters can rest easy knowing that their landlord will take care of these kinds of  problems!

Send your kids to school anywhere you like

Minnesota offers an open enrollment program, which means you are not required to live in an area in order to send your student to its public school. However, investing in a Minnesota rental home within a district can also give your student a competitive edge in securing a spot!

…and afterwards they can stay close!

There are more than 200 colleges and universities in the state, and 33 of them have made US News and World Report’s list of the country’s best colleges!

You could lead a debt-free lifestyle

With no mortgage to pay-off, you don’t have to worry about a massive loan hanging over your head! You could invest the difference, especially in one of the state’s prosperous businesses, or save up for a downpayment for when you’re ready to buy a home in Minnesota!

Choose from charming small towns, suburbs and bustling cities

There’s an option for everyone in Minnesota. Single family homes, townhomes and condos can all be found for rent in Minnesota, which means you could rent a home in Minneapolis or entertainment-filled Shakopee or picturesque Stillwater without long-term commitment!

You can have career-flexibility

Minnesota has an incredibly strong economy and is home to many international companies. If you rent a home in Minnesota, you can pursue your dreams anywhere across the state without a mortgage or property obligation tying you down.

Minnesota has a remarkably high quality of life

Our citizens are friendly and happy, our economy is healthy, our cities are clean and our entertainment is incredible. Start your own adventure and rent a home in Minnesota!

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